Bulk SMS refers to sending a SMS/MMS message to multiple end users at the same time.

 Bulk SMS is typically a ‘broadcast’ or “one-to-many” type of message and differs from a Group Message, which is considered as “many-to-many”.

Bulk SMS with Bandwidth’s Messaging API allows our customers to initiate large-scale outreach to their end users from a single source. 

This power allows important messages to be sent seamlessly and quickly from you to your group, connecting you to what matters most.

The most innovative, easy to use, and comprehensive bulk SMS service platform

Easy send SMS

Easily send number of sms at a single time.

Receive SMS Online

Quick access to the customer to reach out to you by keywords.

SMS Attachment Feature

Make Your Bulk sms attractive by adding images, excel sheet & many more

Static View

Access the real time report of the bulk sms and get the idea of the Statistical View.